Rickenbacker® Model 360/12B WB from the B-series

The B-series instruments were the first "reissues" from Rickenbacker. Not so detailed and faithful to the original models as today. Introduced in 1979. The instruments were modernized versions of the Rickenbacker guitars made famous by The Beatles. Later these instruments were released as very faithful reissues, the Model 4001V63, 360/12V64, 325V59 and 325V63. Dropped from production in 1982. Now the "vintage series" has been replaced by the C-series. These are very close to the originals. The Models in the C-series are 325C58, 325C64, 360/12C63 and 4001C64 (Model 4001C64S is a version with a rounded body.



Courtesy of Brian W Beebe

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