Rickenbacker® Model 360/12C63 from the NEW C-series!

Model 360/12C63   Photo courtesy of Mike Parks


The model 360/12C63 is a replica of the guitar made famous by George Harrison. Double-bound body, trapeze tailpiece, and unique Rickenbacker 12-string headstock, The 360/12C63 is true to the 1963 version in every aspect— down to the shading on the Fireglo finish. The only "modern" contribution is the bridge with 12 split intonation saddles Some of the main differencies between the Model 360/12V64 and the new 360/12C63 are listed below:


360/12V64 360/12C63
Fret markers


Triangle pale white



6-way with split intonation saddle

Machine heads

Deluxe Vintage

Deluxe Vintage reproduction

There is also a big difference in the shape of the headstocks!

Headstock on the first 360/12 from 1963

Photo courtesy of Oyama Katsuyuki

Headstock of the Model 360/12V64

Courtesy of Elderly Instruments

The headstock of the new Model 360/12C63

Photo: © 2001 North Coast Music  


Model 360/12 (from 1963). 

February 8th, 1964 was a day when Rickenbacker (read Francis C.Hall) really made a very powerful contribution to the sound of the sixties.That day Mr. Hall invited The Beatles (John, Paul and Ringo) to his hotel suite at the Savoy Hilton Hotel in NYC.There he showed them his newest "invention", the electric twelve-string.George Harrison, who was back at the Plaza Hotel, had the flu and stayed in bed.The other boys wanted to give him a chance to try out this new guitar, so off they went to his hotel.George, who was giving a telephone interview for the radio station WDGY in Minneapolis, tried out this new guitar.When he told the DJ about the guitar the radio station offered him the instrument as a gift.But Francis C. Hall had already decided to give away this instrument, and so he did.

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