Warren Meixner's  Rickenbacker® collection

Left to Right: Model 360/12 Blue Boy, Model 900 (with a new bridge cover) and a Model 360/12 modified to a 370/12 Byrds Roger McGuinn style guitar. New electronics with a Vox treble booster just like the first McGuinn "Byrd" guitar. Tuners are also put backwards/upside down making this 360/12 (370/12Byrd) to a rare bird. The story about Roger McGuinn's Mr Tambourine Man Rickenbacker can be read here. That guitar also started its "life as a Model 360/12. Read about it here: 370/12MTM


Rickenbacker Model 350V63 with Kauffman Vibrola and a roller bridge (left). Rickenbacker 325C58 modified to the Lennon guitar used on the first Ed Sullivan show.

Courtesy of Warren Meixner

© 2005 Björn Eriksson

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