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Hey, Mr Tambourine Man........

Roger McGuinn┤s "Mr Tambourine Man" Rickenbacker 370/12 (360/12)

The famous 370/12 Mr "Tambourine Man" Rickenbacker (1964)

This guitar created the 60's jingle-jangle when Roger McGuinn played his introduction to Mr Tambourine Man. At least, according to Voltage Guitars, this pictured guitar is said to be the original. The instrument was originally a 360/12 that was updated to a 370/12 and fitted with a compressor.

mcguinn3.jpg (93004 bytes)Still a 360/12....

The guitar today (left) and when it still was a 360/12 (right)


The invoice shows that the guitar was fitted with special wiring in  Feb 1966. I have "erased" the serial numbers from this picture. We don┤t want more than one, do we?

Mr Tambourine Man Rickenbacker 370/12Byrd

370/12 MTM (1964)

370/12Byrd "MTM"

370/12 MTM (1964)

Courtesy of Voltage Guitars

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