Dave Wiggins plays Rickenbacker 380L Laguna PZ

"....I have chosen the song "IF" by Bread.  I only play the last 50 seconds of the song which is a good sample of all the parts of the song.  I am playing my beautiful 1998 Rickenbacker 380 Laguna PZ.  I am playing it on full PZ only, with just a touch of compression from a Tech21 Comptortion pedal.  I am playing it through a small 'Mixpad' into a desktop PC recording program, "Recordlab".  I think it sounds very much like an acoustic guitar but with the added benefit of Rickenbacker sustain....."     Dave Wiggins

Dave Wiggins plays the Model 380L Laguna PZCLICK ON THE SPEAKERS!

Dave Wiggins with his 380L "Laguna" PZ

Courtesy of Dave Wiggins

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