Rickenbacker® Model BD7 Bakelite Steel guitar

Rickenbacker Model B7

Model BD7 Bakelite Steel guitar (Deluxe version)

Rickenbacker Model B with seven strings. Available as 6-string, 7-string, 8-string and 10-string versions.The most common ones had 6 strings.Electro String introduced the 10-string model around 1940, though the exact date is unknown. The 10-string model was structurally different from the others with metal necks instead of bakelite necks.

After the late 1940's, the Model B and the Model BD appeared on price sheets, sometimes simultaneously. There was an 8 to 10 dollar variation in retail price.The literature was ambiguous about differences in the two models, but the Deluxe versions had a plastic peghead cover in 1949 and in the 50's. The Model BD, first announced to the public in March 1949, was a Deluxe version of the Bakelite Steel guitar. Rickenbacker listed the Model BD6 on price sheets until 1974.

Rickenbacker Model B7 headstock with seven tuning keys Rickenbacker Model B7 in case


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