Rickenbacker® Model Capri 365

Rickenbacker Model Capri 365 Rickenbacker Model Capri 365

Model Capri 365 (1958)

The first  model 365 had two control knobs and two selector switches.The first slash or cat´s eye shape soundhole were larger than later examples. The first vibrato unit used was the Kauffman Vibrola. Two gold pickguards, four T.V. style knobs, and one switch became standard for the models 360 and 365 before the end of 1958.
(Smith, The Complete History Of Rickenbacker Guitars)

Rickenbacker Model Capri 365

The triangular inlays are very sharpedged on this model.

Rickenbacker Model Capri 365

Block bindings on the neck.

Courtesy of John Williams

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