Rickenbacker® Model Capri 345

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Model Capri 345 from 1958 (Kauffman Vibrato handle missing)

This fine instrument belongs to Tom Klein, Roseville, Minnesota. There is a possibility that this guitar is the same one pictured in the '58 trade show photos. It is shown directly above Toots' left hand. Click here! It has the long the Crescent soundhole. Equipped with two T.V. style control knobs, two pickup selector switches, single gold pickguard and a Kauffman Vibrato tailpiece. As you can see, the handle is missing. If you happen to know where to find one, please contact Björn Eriksson or Tom Klein.

Rickenbacker Capri 345 Rickenbacker Capri 345

The same 345 Capri from 1958 with different tailpieces.

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6 Saddle bridge and an old toaster pickup


Courtesy of Tom Klein

©1999 Björn Eriksson

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