Rickenbacker® Model 650S "Sierra" VH

Rickenbacker Model 650S "Sierra" VH Rickenbacker Model 650S "Sierra" VH

Model 650S Sierra VH

The model 650 Sierra is available with a combi tailpiece or, as shown here, with a Hi-Tek vibrato tailpiece, the VH option. Maple neck and fingerboard, walnut body with gold hardware. The "neck-thru-body" system is clearly visable. Two Humbucking pickups, Schaller machineheads and a 6 saddle bridge. Mono output.

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The Hi-Tek vibrato tailpiece, here on a 650 Dakota   Photo: Andrew Spencer

Andrew Spencer gives the following advice about adjusting the vibrato tailpiece:
"... - Removing the plate on the back, you'll see 2 screws that adjust the vibrato.First, I loosened the 2 screws on the back side. This reduced the tension of the vibrato's two springs and partially raised the vibrato "up-and- away" from the guitar's body. However, the stretched strings were out-of-tune, so by "re-tuning" the strings (i.e., tightening them up to "pitch") the vibrato was further raised "up-and-away" from the guitar; eventually returning to its original location in which I have both "upward" and "downward" capabilities."
Source: the newsgroup alt.guitar.rickenbacker

Rickenbacker 650S "Sierra" VH Rickenbacker 650S "Sierra" VH

Model 650S VH headstock                  Schaller machineheads

Rickenbacker 650S "Sierra" VH Rickenbacker 650S "Sierra" VH

Model 650S VH

Courtesy of Andrew Spencer and Mike

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