Rickenbacker® Model 615

Rickenbacker Model 615

Model 615

The model 615 was introduced in early 1962. This model was very much like a 450 with a Ac´cent Vibrato tailpiece. The invoice for the prototype called it a "450 w/Ac´cent". However, the 450 wasn´t build for having the Ac´cent Vibrato.As a result of this the prototype body top of the 615 was carved out to make the Ac´cent Vibrato tailpiece to fit properly.The factory designed the model 615 with the strings higher off the body to allow mounting of the vibrato on a flat top.Rickenbacker deleted the model 615 from the price sheets in 1977. The model 620 replaced the 615 and the 625. In 1985 the company introduced a model 610 and a model 610VB. The model 610VB is the modern version of the 615.


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