Rickenbacker® Model 5002 (1958)

Rickenbacker Model 5002 Rickenbacker Model 5002

Model 5002

Rickenbacker created a sample solid body electric mandolin in 1957. Since there were no mandolin invoices for 1957 and there were no listings in the price sheets, this instrument was probably one of a kind. In 1958 they introduced a   redesigned production model available in three different finishes: Natural Light, Natural Walnut, and combination Light and Dark. Fireglo was available after 1959. Although the factory made one for The Byrds in late 1965, the electric mandoline last appeared on the 1961 price sheets. There were factory invoices for nine individual Rickenbacker electric mandolins from 1958 through 1965. There were three models:

Model 5000 (4 strings), Model 5001 (5 strings), Model 5002 (8 strings).

(source: The Complete History Of Rickenbacker Guitars, Richard R Smith)

The model portrayed here is the very same that is mentioned in Smith´s book. The serial# is M101 (M=Mandolin). Note the spelling on the headstock logo, Rickenbacher Electro.

Rickenbacker Model 5002 Rickenbacker Model 5002

Model 5002 headstock and jackplate with serial # M101 (1958)

Rickenbacker Model 5002

Model 5002 back

Rickenbacker Model 5002

Model 5002 Mandolin

Courtesy of Crawford White

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