Rickenbacker® Model 425

Rickenbacker Model 425

Model 425

The model 425 from 1958 through 1964 was a one pickup version of the model 450.The model 425 usually had a white plastic pickguard, two control knobs and one tone selector switch. In 1965 the model 425 came with Boyd vibrato tailpiece. The non-vibrato model became known as the model 420. Model 425 with vibrato disappeared from the line in 1973. The guitar on the picture is from 1960.

Rickenbacker 425 headstock
Model 425 headstock

Courtesy of Don Lerdal

Model 425 from 1963 (100% original parts)

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Rickenbacker 425 (CL 54) (December 1963)

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Rickenbacker 425 (CL 54) (December 1963)

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Rickenbacker 425 (CL 54) (December 1963)

Courtesy of David McLaughlin


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