Rickenbacker® Model 4003SB

4003SB Rickenbacker Model 4003SB

Model 4003SB

This model is the forrunner to the Model 4001V63. The Model 4003SB has stereo (two outputs) instead of the mono output as on Model 4001V63. The headstock is shorter compared to the 4001V63 headstock.A hi-gain treble pickup rather than horseshoe pickup as on the 4001V63. Toaster neck pickup (bass),  same dots , same newer control knobs (black vintage knobs), 4003 bridge (two extra back screws) instead of the 4001V63 vintage bridge. Available in MG only while the Model 4001V63 is available in FG,MG and various other newer colors now. 

The model portrayed here is a modified: A Model 4001V63 treble pick-up cover, with a Seymour Duncan Rick replacement. Vintage knobs (replaced the stock ones)

Rickenbacker Model 4003SB  Rickenbacker 4003SB

Rickenbacker Model 4003SB

Courtesy of Ed Dupont

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