Rickenbacker® Model 370/12 O.S.

Rickenbacker Model 370/12 O.S. Rickenbacker Model 370/12 O.S.

Model 370/12 O.S.

This 1968 370/12 OS has an interesting history as confirmed by John Hall. " I searched the inter-company transfer invoices and found HK1643 surfacing on 11/22/68 as a 370/12 OS Blue annotated 'Special body only for testing per F.C. Hall. ' "
From there the questions of its final destination are unanswered but John says it may have left Santa Ana as an assembled body as Rickenbacker "often provided 'body only' to foreign distributors to resolve warranty claims." At any rate, looking over the guitar, neck and body color are a perfect match. Comments have been made about the offset upper pickup but gently loosening the screws (and not cracking the finish) one can see original holes-no repositioning and it is definitely not a refin. 12 saddle bridge added for more accurate intonation

Courtesy of Chris Holden

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