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The Blackouts┤ 370/12 Byrds (1967)

This is a pristine condition 1967 370-12 Byrds, like the 8MH guitar. It has caused quite some controversy on the net these past few weeks! It is also signed by Roger McGuinn.  Gary Martin of the Blackouts has owned this guitar since 1980, and it is 100% stock.
This guitar has appeared in the newsgroup several times when it was spotted doing some of its rare live appearances on stage.

"I am the lead guitarist in a very well known Northern California band called The Blackouts.My 370-12 Byrds has become known on the newsgroup as the Blackouts 370-12 Byrds, as I've taken it out on some gigs and it was spotted, photographed, and written about! My 370 is a factory 1967, not a retrofit, completely original, and almost dead mint.As you can see it is signed under the pickguard by Roger McGuinn. I am also including pictures of my 1967 330 which is actually my main guitar in the band, and looks pretty good despite the fact over the last five years I've played more than 600 gigs with it! Also included are pictures of a mint
condition 1966 330 which actually belongs to my 12 year old daughter Cassie."
                                                                                        Gary Martin

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The Blackouts┤ 370/12 Byrds (1967)

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The Blackouts┤ 370/12 Byrds signed by Roger McGuinn (1967)   

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The Blackouts┤370/12 Byrds (1967)

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Model 330 (1966)                               Model 330 (1967)

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Left to right: 330 (1967) Blackouts┤ 370/12 Byrds (1967)   330 (1966)

Courtesy of Gary Martin

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