Rickenbacker® Model 325/12

Rickenbacker Model 325/12

Model 325/12

This guitar purchased from Japan is one of  five 1998 325/12's made by Rickenbacker exclusively for the Japanese market. It is serial number N1-9412.  What is significant about this is that all of the 325/12's manufactured in the 1980's were designated by Rickenbacker as "320/12V63".  There were 19 of those made. These 5 1998's made were designated "325/12" by Rickenbacker and it has it written on the Rickenbacker shipping box and it is also on the two warrany cards that RIC in Japan issued with these guitars.  What this means is Rickenbacker only designated John Lennon's as 325/12 and these 5 1998s meaning there have only been a total of 6 of these designated as official Rickenbacker Model 325/12.


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Model 325/12 WRC

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Model 325/12 WRC

Courtesy of Mark Vaquer

*Due to interest from many Beatles enthusiasts, the following special vintage edition guitars were temporarily available. Orders were accepted only until 18 October 1999. There were 136 Model 325/12V63 ordered. See photo below!

Rickenbacker 325/12V63 "Special Reissue"

Rickenbacker Model 325/12V63 (Courtesy Of RIC)

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