Rickenbacker® Model 3001

Rickenbacker Model 3001 Rickenbacker Model 3001

Model 3001

First listed in 1971. That model had a 30 inch scale with 20 frets, bound body and neck. Only made as a prototype. Reintroduced in 1975.Made until 1984. A fullscale 33 1/2 inch  detachable neck with 20 frets. Unlike the model 3000, this bass had three control knobs (one for volume, one for bass boost and one for treble boost) and a single humbucking pickup. The factory made the neck from laminated maple and a walnut stringer. Rosewood fingerboard. More photos below! Photo courtesy of Dennis Raven  

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Rickenbacker Model 3001

Courtesy of Dennis Raven and Carlo Cecchetto

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