Rickenbacker® Model 1996 (Rose, Morris)

Rickenbacker Model 1996 Rose, Morris export  

Model 1996

The 1996 is the export version of the Model 325. These guitars had the standard Rose Morris Fireglo finish and F-Soundhole. An interesting point is that these are the only export guitar where you can't easily distinguish them from the US version. Domestic 325's also have the F-Soundhole and they are generally Fireglo as well. If you have a '64 325, more than likely it's really a 1996. The vast majority made that year were for the export market.

Courtesy of Jörn Eisenhauer

Rickenbacker ad 1996 from 1965

An ad from 1965 showing the very popular Model 1996. 

Model 1996

A Model 1996, once owned by Chris Richmond

Courtesy of Chris Richmond

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