Rickenbacker® Model 1993 (Rose, Morris)

Rickenbacker Model 1993 Rose, Morris export Rickenbacker Model 1993 Rose, Morris export

Model 1993

This model is the export version of the 360/12 O.S. It´s made for the Brittish market and landed there in the summer of 1964. Actually this instrument is more like a 330/12 with bindings. There are no other Deluxe features. No bindings on the neck and no triangle inlays. The body has an F soundhole. Mono outputs. This model is very rare and a very attractive item for collectors. The model presented here is from Nov 1964.

A personal note: The first time I ever played a Rickenbacker twelvestring, it was this guitar I held in my hands:-) Björn

Courtesy of Kenneth Hedlööf

©1999 Björn Eriksson

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