Tuck Hersey´s Rickenbacker® "John Lennon conversions"


"325V58 conversion"

The 325V59 reissue was different from John's in many ways. Well, I could have used it as it was, but I thought I'd like it better if it looked more like the original.  I have done everything I could to modefy it into the Lennon spec.

- Recarved headstock with propper tuning machine positions
- Vintage Grover open-back tuners from the 50's with hex bushings
- Handmade truss rod cover without "Made in USA", mounted with slot-head
- Thick string nut
- Unfinished fretboard with no volute
- Handmade single raised pickguard with screws, knobs, pickup selector
in the "correct" locations
- Repro "Burn's" knobs
- Bigsby bow-tie bridge from the '60's
- Slot-head Bigsby body mounting screws
- Bigsby "Phillips" arm stud from the 60's
- Unpainted Bigsby background
- Unwound pickups and capacitor
- Slot-head screws on pickup corners and jackplate corners
- Elongated Jackplate

When I showed the conversion to my wife, she said "Well, I would
notice the difference if you painted it pink."  Should I ever...

"325V58" headstock with open back Grover machineheads

"325V64 Conversion"

I decided to modify this guitar into the Lennon specs before she got jealous that I was spending so much time on modifying the 325V59. 

- Kluson Deluxe tuning machines from the 60's
- Handmade truss rod cover with slot-head mounting screws
- "Roller saddle" bridge from the 60's
- Handmade pickguard with knobs and pickup selector in the Lennon
- Slot-head screws on pickup corners
- Properly bent arm.  It took me a lot of time and effort to bend it the
way I wanted it to be.  As I was screaming, "Hey!  Go ahead!  Bend!  Do
me a favor!  Come on!", struggking to complete the job in front of my
door, mynextdoor neighbor came home and looked at me and said, "So, er,
are you trying to destroy the door?  You want me to help?"
- Set list sticked on the body with Scocth tape (Removed it because the
tape sarted to eat the finish)
- Slot-head screws on the jackplate corners

Ooops!  I forgot the VOX Python strap when I took the picture.

"325V64" headstock and roller bridge

Tuck Hersey's 325 mini (incredible)


Text and photos courtesy of Tuck Hersey

©2000 Björn Eriksson

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