Tom Murphy's Rickenbacker® Collection

Tom Murphy's Rickenbacker Collection

Back (left to right): 1997 325V59 mapleglo,1964 625 fireglo, 1995 360 w/toaster pickups fireglo,1997 360/12 w/toaster pickups turquose

Middle (left to right): 1973 4000 mapleglo, 1996 4003 w/4001V63 conversion fireglo, 
1997 4001V63 fireglo, 1998 4003s8/8 string bass fireglo

Front: 1997 4001CS Chris Squire Limited Edition

Tom Murphy with his 4001CS (4001V63 pickguard)

Tom Murphy with 4001CS (4001V63 pickguard)

Courtesy of Tom Murphy

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