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1995 360/12V64 this is special its a great guitar.I put in a 12 saddle bridge and put in 7.4 toasters. Great FG on this one!

Model 366/12 from 1967,  the alleged "David Bowie 366/12"  For more information foloow the link below.

Rickenbacker Model 330 BlueBurst 2006 with added gold TRC and pickguards

More BlueBurst

620/12 2007

The Searchers with the 620/12 2007


620/12 2007

Rickenbacker 4003FG from 2003

Rickenbacker 4003 from 2003

Rickenbacker Model 1997 from 1990

Rickenbacker Model 1997 from 1990

Rickenbacker 360 MID with added 7.5 toasters to this and white Plexi TRC (Sold and is now in Poland)

Rickenbacker330 FG added Gold TRC and guards and 12K Toasters



Courtesy of Scott Baillie

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