Richard King´s Rickenbacker® Collection


381v69 (E41975) an a 360/12 (9902040). The 360/12 has been autographed by Roger McGuinn.

".....I took the photo in the museum I work in. The background is a turn of the century Gavioli Bandorgan, built if memory serves, in Italy for a German Prince. It came to America after WW1 and passed through several sets of hands. In the 50's it was purchased by the Royal American Shows carnival, they used it on their midway. They went out of business several years ago and family members, wanting to maintain ownership, sent it to us on a loan so it would be stored and kept up in a way they could not. Anyway to make a short story long, it looked like a great backround to pose the redheaded sisters in front of...."

Courtesy of Richard King

© 2001 Björn Eriksson

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