Peter Buck´s Rickenbacker® 360 JetGlo

Rickenbacker Model 360 

Model 360. One perfect body attached to another.

"There was a question awhile back about what type and gauge strings Peter Buck uses on his Rickenbacker 360 JG. My answer was that all I remembered was that it's a rather heavy set.  But now here's the definitive answer:

..013 Plain- Swedish Steel

..017 Plain- Swedish Steel

..026 Wound- Nickel Steel

..036 Wound- Nickel Steel

..046 Wound- Nickel Steel

..056 Wound- Nickel Steel

These are Dean Markley individual strings. His guitar (the one with the trucker's playmate sticker on it) is currently here at the factory so that we can set up a new instrument exactly like his old one, using the string set listed above."

[John Hall, 4/14/1999, posted to "alt.guitar.rickenbacker" Newsgroup]

Rickenbacker Model 360 JetGlo

Peter Buck´s Rickenbacker 360

Björn Eriksson and Peter Buck in The House Of Blues, Hollywood, 2006

Courtesy of John Hall at Rickenbacker

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