Paul Wilczynski┤s  Rickenbacker« Collection

Rickenbacker Model 660/12

The 660-12 I purchased new last December. I immeduiately changed the pickguards and truss rod covers with ones of my own design and manufacture, and the colors were changed then, too, to a gold that was more orange and less greenish. The guitar also has stove knobs, which I think really go well with the vintage look.

My 381V69 was also bought new, two weeks after the 660-12. It has also gotten pickguards which I designed myself in the same color as the 660-12's. These guards look much more like old Capri guards. The truss rod cover was made just like the one on the 660-12. I've also attached a picture of the truss rod cover. These were done with the permission of John Hall of Rickenbacker., and, no, they are not for sale, as I only made one set.

Rickenbacker Model 381V69 (modified version)

The very special Truss Rod Cover on Paul's 381V69


Courtesy of Paul Wilczynski

ę 2005 Bj÷rn Eriksson

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