Oyama Katsuyuki┤s Rickenbacker« Collection 3

Model Rickenbacker Combo 800 Model Rickenbacker Combo 800

Model Combo 800                      Model Combo 800

Rickenbacker Model 900 Rickenbacker Model 950

Model 900                              Model 950

Rickenbacker Model 4005/8 Rickenbacker Model 4005

Model 4005/8                                Model 4005


Rickenbacker Model 331LS "Lightshow" Rickenbacker Model 4005LS "Lightshow"

Model 331LS "Lightshow"                     Model 4005LS "Lightshow"

Rickenbacker prototype (serial# 2T100) Rickenbacker Model 335

(Left) Capri Prototype  (1957) A Model 330-like standard features, but on a longer body, unlike the production models.  (Right) 335       



Courtesy of Oyama Katsuyuki

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