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Rickenbacker Model 325C58 Rickenbacker Model 325C58  

A shot of the back, showing the 'book matched' wood.

This is the body of the Alderglo 325C58 serial #0233148. It's been lightly modified with a set of 50's Grover open back tuners, a 50's Rickenbacker Aluminum bridge plate, 50's vintage pickguard screws & a 50's butterscotch switch tip. The wood pattern on this guitar is just incredible & I haven't seen another 'C' with the 'streaking' in the wood like this one.





Rickenbacker Model 325C58

Full body shot in case with a set of 50's vintage Rickenbacker strings!

Rickenbacker Models 325/12 and 320/12V63

This is a shot of all 3 of my 325-12's.

Left to right:
1991 Japanese export 325-12
1986 320-12V63
325V63 custom converted to 320-12V63




         Rickenbacker 320/12V63 (1986)




This is a very rare, one of only 22 made, 1986 320/12V63, serial #ZE-1413. There were, according to Toshio Sogabi, 22 of these made by his order for the Japanese market. 15 of these were shipped to Japan and 7 remained here in the USA. This is one of the 7. Larry Wassgren was the owner of serial #ZE-1414 and George Mizer is the owner of serial # ZE-1415.

This 320/12V63 differs from the 1999 325/12V63 in the following ways:

Rounded heel
rear strap button at the bottom of the plate, not in the center
thin 60's type finish
Light colored fretboard
correct 'slot head' screws in the pickup corners and the headstock logo
Schaller 'Deluxe' tuners with hex head tuner bushings w/ nylon washer under the bushing

This guitar has a 1990's 12 saddle bridge. The original vintage style bridge is in the case.

Pictures and text courtesy of Mark Vaquer

Rickenbacker 335 (1958) Rickenbacker 335 (1958)

Model 335 (1958)

Rare 1958 335 Autumnglo, Serial #2V-134. Features the "Long Prototype" sound hole and the scarce Kauffman vibrola. It has a 1/8 inch back which is standard on most all '58 Ricks. The back is heavily checked.

Rickenbacker 360 (1959) Rickenbacker 335 (1958) and 360 (1959)

Model 360 (1959) Serial # 2T-040    Model 335 (1958) and 360 (1959)

Rickenbacker 325 '58 reproduction  325 '58 headstock

"1958" 325 Reproduction of an authentic 1958 325; should be called the 325V58.  

* Correct 2 inch thick body w/ 1/8 inch thick back
* "Lennon" shaped headstock w/ 50's logo & correct screws
* Unfinished fretboard
* Elongated Jackplate
* Raised single gold pickguard w/ correct (Lennon) "5" mount
  screw points
* Burns reproduction knobs
* 1960's Bigsby w/ Aluminum handle w/ "Phillips" head stud
* Thick string nut (as on early '58 325's)
* No volute on back of headstock base
* Short pole pickups re-wound to 50's specs

Model 325 '58 reproduction

Rickenbacker 325V63 Rickenbacker 365WB (1966)

1)1995 325V63 (modified)                 2)1966 Rare Double bound 365WB

1)Serial # I8-6010.Has Kluson Deluxe tuners, an original 1964 Roller Bridge, & an original set of 1963 325 knobs,& "Slot head" screws on the pick up covers.

2)Serial #FD-1116

Rickenbacker 365 (1966)  

Model 365WB (1966)

Model 362/12

1974 362/12 Rare Doubleneck that went originally to Sweden, then to Britain, then to Japan, then back to me in the USA!! E-mail me and I'll explain.  

Rickenbacker 320B w/ 5th control (!)

1983 Jetglo 320B "B" Series re-issue Serial #WG-975, Scarce issue w/ "Fifth" control knob.

Rickenbacker 325V59 FG

Model 325V59 FG                          Model 360/12WB (1982)

360/12V64 1990

1990 Fireglo 360/12V64 Serial # K3-4508. With Creme colored binding and vintage 60's bridge.


Photos/text courtesy of Mark Vaquer

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