Keefster┤s Rickenbacker« 325V59 and 360/12V64

325V59 and mini 360/12V64

Model 325V59 with a miniature 325                     Model 360/12V64

Keefster's collection of various guitars!

From left to right (front):  Pete Townshend Limited Edition SG (number 9 of 250), Zemaitis 12 string 1980, Patrick James Eggle "Discus" prototype, V59 325, Hayman 50/50 bass, V64 360 12 signed by Roger McGuinn ex Noel Gallagher 67 re-issue Gibson Flying V.
Back: Eko 12 string, Watkins "Bitser", Ex Rich Robinson  Danelectro DC3, Fender 57 re-issue Stratocaster, Fender B Bender Telecaster. Out the front a Zemaitis Custom metal front.

Courtesy of Keefster

© 2004 Bj÷rn Eriksson

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