Jose Maria Rios Torres´ Rickenbacker® and Beatles guitar collection

Jose Torres  

From the left to the rigth and from above to below:
Hofner President from 1959 (Early Harrison guitar when he was 15 years old).This is with pickups.
Gretsch country gentleman (reissue nineties)
Epiphone Casino from 1962
Gibson J 160 (reissue nineties)
Gretsch Silver Jet...Like Harrison Duo Jet , but sparkle.
Rickenbacker Bass 4001 reissue nineties
Hofner bass from 1964
Rickenbacker Rose Morris limited edition Pete Twosend (the Who)
Ricken. 12 strings 64 (reissue nineties)
Gretch tennesean from 1963
Rick. 325 John  Lennon limited edition (1991)
Gallotone Champion  from the fifties (the  John Lennon first guitar)
Rick 325 V 59 (lennonized) Reissue
Rick Tom Petty limited edition
On the floor :
Hofner bass from 1968
Left  Martin This guitar is from the Paul Mc Cartney backline in his 93 world Tour .The Martin is  also  signed by him.


Courtesy of Jose Maria Rios Torres

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