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Rickenbacker Model 336/12

Rickenbacker 336/12 (This guitar had a cracked neck but is now repaired.)

This guitar was built for Paul Kantner of Jefferson Airplane. The guitar was delivered to Blackberry Way Music in Los Angeles. The present owner has corresponded with RIC a number of times to have this confirmed. However, there is a problem that is described in the photos below but RIC have obviously found the records:

From RIC

Letter from RIC (After speaking to the present owner, John Hall, he says that there was no fire like the one mentioned in the letter. Maybe Mr Ogle just didn't have access to all information.

Smith's data

Not listed in Smith's book.

In the hospital (Mannheim Guitar Repair Shop)

In the hospital (Mannheim Guitar Repair Shop)

Hardy's drawing of the broken neck

Hardy's drawing of the cracked neck

A healthy Rickenbacker 336/12 (1968)

360/12, 336/12, 330

L to R: 360/12, 336/12, 330


Questions about the 336/12 can be sent to me  bjorn@rickbeat.com and I will forward these letters to Hardy Stoertz


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