Greg Woods´ Rickenbacker® Collection

Rickenbacker 430

Model 430

"....The Rickenbacker 430 is a recent addition to my little collection. It was Rick's least expensive guitar in 1975. It's not fancy, but this near mint beauty is a very nice guitar.......

360-121.jpg (14105 bytes) Rickenbacker 330

Model 360/12 and 330

"...The 330 is the guitar that got me back into electrics after many years with just acoustics. Rickenbackers are my favorites for a number of reasons: well made; relatively hard to find; the Beatles, Byrds, CCR, etc. played them. They are unique. The Rickenbacker 12 was a 20th anniversary present from the world's best wife. I had to promise not to sell or trade it (a bad habit I have with guitars). But, if a nice 370-12 RM comes along..."

Rickenbacker 325V59

"......This little Rick was similar to John Lennon's first one. That's one I really wish I hadn't sold....."

3000ssb1.jpg (26039 bytes)

"....The Rickenbacker 3000 short scale bass. I recently got lucky and found this gem at a shop in New Jersey. I'm finally going to try to learn bass, and the short scale fits me just fine...."

Rickenbacker 660/12 Rickenbacker 325V63 "Miami"

Model 660/12 and 325V63

"...The latest additions - a 1990 Rickenbacker 325V63. I've been trying to find a good deal on one of these for a long time. This little beauty turned up in Cincinnati. It's just like John Lennon's 2nd Rick. The Rickenbacker 660-12 is identical to the Tom Petty signature model, except for the signed pickguard and the vintage-style case. It's got a wider neck than the normal Rick, and a 12 saddle bridge..."

Courtesy of Greg Woods

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