Ed Dupont´s Rickenbacker® Collection

Ed Dupont´s Rickenbacker Collection

(left to right) 82 4003SB MG (v63 prototype), 84 4001v63 FG, 74 4001 MG (my orig), 80 4001AZ, 79 4001s Walnut, 96 4003s JG, 98 4004 Cheyenne

......My name is Ed Dupont.  I'm 46 and have been playing Bass since the mid-sixties.  I have a nice collection of Rick's that you may want to place on your gallery page.  I have a fetish for the 4001s style and am always on the lookout for the older 4001S models (isn't everyone?)  I play every weekend and have been in the same band for almost 19 years.  We are from the Boston area and perform classic 60's and 70's.  I'm always hunting down all of the Rick pages and really enjoy all of the web stuff that is out there...... Ed Dupont

Courtesy of Ed Dupont

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