Chuck Yoakum´s Rickenbacker® 345S

Rickenbacker 345S

Model 345S

"I have a model 345S serial number HL1692 (December 1968). If this model seems strange to you, I'll give you the story as confirmed by Rickenbacker. I have also included a picture of the guitar. You'll see that it looks like an ordinary 340 model. This model started life as a 345 Jetglo. For 1968 Rickenbacker lists no Jetglo 345's, but has one (1) custom color issue. Strange that black would not be a standard color, but it wasn't. When the guitar was being routed and fitted for hardware, the order changed so that the vibrato tailpiece was replaced with an "R" stop tailpiece. The "345S" model designation appears on the bare wood under the pickguard assembly beside the wiring and pots for the volume/tone controls. Rickenbacker had listed this particular instrument on inventory and issuance records as a 345 model although from the outside it looks exactly like a 340. So in this case it is a "One-of-a-kind". Also the neck is different from most madels of this type. It is wider, flatter, and thinner than most. This makes it a joy to play and instead of feeling like a log in your hand, it has almost a Gibson SG type of sleekness. I use a 1967 Vox Berkeley III and a smaller Rickenbacker student amp coupled together with it for a nice pure Rickenbacker sound. Thanks for creating such a great webpage for all RIC lovers!"                 Chuck Yoakum


Courtesy of Chuck Yoakum

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