Bob Hoot´s Rickenbacker® Collection

"....360/12v64 MG (00 46703) was made in 2000 and purchased at a great price in April of this year as "unsold dealer stock." How could I refuse? I did order a 12-saddle bridge and had my local luthier install it. It is curious that the holes to attach the bridge cover are not tapped/threaded. A little extra work to get everything fitted. Intonation is great on this due to a photo of Roger (Jim) McGuinn's bridge setup found on your site and my friends at Spruce Tree Music who did the work. I did the final adjustment on the bridge height which is now low and fast with no buzz. 

660 MG (99 17121) This beauty is featured in the Models section of your site. Deluxe checkered binding, gold pickguard, vintage pickups, figured maple and a chunky neck. I have found this to be a great rhythm guitar but lacks the "bite" and neck action to be a great lead guitar. It is beautiful to look at and its chords ring out. 

360 JG (H3 6195) Manufactured August 1990. This was my first Rickenbacker. I purchased it used in 1991. I am still impressed with the setup, tone, action and versatility of this instrument. No wonder they sell so many of these. I'm guessing it is their most popular model. And why not. Get tone... enough bite for tasty leads and that distinctive Rickenbacker ring for rhythm. This chambered electric will never leave my arsenal of guitars. That's the my holy trinity of Rickenbackers. All I need now is a vintage 4001 or 4003 to complete my collection of hard-working Rickenbackers. 

I often wish that Rickenbacker would come out with a model similar to the 350 SH. Three pickups (any combination you want, stock being 1 humbucker, 1 vintage and 1 single coil), double checkerboard bound body, bound neck, vintage trapeze tailpiece or Bigsby, deluxe locking tuners, 24 frets, 25" scale and a thin, fast neck. Figured maple top and back and available in MG, FG and JG. I think it's a hot rock 'n roll dream machine....."

                                                                                                        Bob Hoot

Courtesy of Bob Hoot

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